Web Experience: The Center of Your Digital Universe

Web experience is still central to your digital strategy. Find out how it’s evolving.

Web Experience: The Center of Your Digital Universe

A truly successful web experience is personalized, making the user feel connected to you and your brand. It leads to increased engagement in your content, increased conversions and ROI.

A Web Experience Platform (WXP) sits at the center of your online strategy. A WXP is a web software platform that enables site administrators to centralize data and content creation, editing and publishing into a single back-end system. At its most basic, the goal of a WXP is to provide non-technical business users with a solution that manages the content that is published to a company’s website and other digital outposts.

Today’s leading WXP platforms go beyond just that though. They offer the ability to serve dynamic content to different users. They offer integrated ecommerce capabilities and the analytics to track what’s working and not working. After all, your site content and ability to manage it can be the difference between a good and great, or even a bad customer experience. In fact, 82% of organizations say that managing their digital content is important or extremely important. Make sure that you’re leveraging software and working with a partner that matches to your organization’s unique needs.

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