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Education is the key to unlocking every child’s future, and the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) is committed to that mission. The FLDOE serves more than 2.7 million students in districts throughout the state of Florida – the third largest in the nation – and helps to support the vital programs and opportunities that citizens depend on. FLDOE shapes the crucial policies and curricula that affect students, families, and communities across the education spectrum, connecting them with a wealth of resources from virtual learning to college and career planning and beyond.

With such a diverse audience across a large geographic region, FLDOE’s website was often the most utilized channel for sharing educational information. But it was more than just a resource for school closures or event calendars; FLDOE connected users with critical content about legislation, procedures, scholarships, and critical changes that shape entire communities. For policymakers and influencers, the FLDOE website served as a central platform for testing and performance benchmarks, funding requests, and navigating citizens through the complex, shifting landscape of K-12 state standards and initiatives. Given the scope of their communication requirements and the continued growth in student population, FLDOE needed a powerful and scalable new website – one that could handle extensive traffic while empowering non-technical website administrators with full access to update pages with current news and resources. With more of its users turning to smart devices, FLDOE also required a mobile responsive web experience across all screens. Above all, the website had to meet the most rigorous compliance standards ensuring security and digital equality to all of its constituents.


To meet these challenges, FLDOE turned to Solodev to deliver a comprehensive solution – from design to development and beyond. Working closely with FLDOE’s senior leadership, Solodev created a dynamic and scalable website built to meet the needs of constituents while enabling their internal team – including non-technical staff – to make updates to the website quickly and easily.

Solodev included several custom modules that make it easy for FLDOE staff to keep site content fresh, from news to images to video to announcements. However, FLDOE retained control of their team’s access privileges thanks to Solodev’s granular permissioning. This capability enabled site administrators to limit access only to accredited personnel on a page level.

On a monthly basis, the FLDOE website averages over 550,000 hits with over 350,000 unique visitors – and that number continues to grow. In order to best serve this high volume of traffic, Solodev crafted a custom environment alongside FLDOE’s network team, including the integration of a custom Content Delivery Network (CDN). The CDN not only improved the overall performance of the website with higher speed and lower latency, but it also helped their network team gauge the load on each server and more evenly distribute the request. Given the sensitive and highly regulated nature of FLDOE’s content, the CDN provided an even tighter layer of security. Solodev also partnered with the FLDOE network team to craft compatible solutions for their SQL. FLDOE preferred Microsoft SQL over the more traditional MySQL, and required the new website to integrate seamlessly with their current footprint. Solodev developed the website to accommodate FLDOE’s technical needs while maintaining their standards.


FLDOE set a new standard for department of education web experiences – delivering a clean, attractive design with simple and intuitive navigation. Solodev empowered FLDOE to confidently achieve and maintain the most critical regulatory and compliance requirements, including FERPA and HIPAA. Thanks to the reliable scalability, the FLDOE website can handle up to 100,000 concurrent users – and with a mobile responsive design, those users can now quickly navigate to whatever information they need in the moment. From scholarship applications to policy changes to statewide education campaigns, FLDOE’s website can bring about better learning for students across the state – thanks to the power, practicality, and precision of the Solodev CMS platform.

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