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Power AI with Solodev AI

Whether you’re a professional looking to host and train your own models, or just at the early stages of exploring AI for your business, we have the technology and expertise to help you realize your AI vision.

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The complete AI ecosystem

No matter what your AI goals, we have the people, processes, and technologies to get you there.

Solodev AI Launch

Designed for AI professionals looking to rapidly train, host, and launch their existing AI models
in the cloud.


Solodev AI Discovery

A consultative service with AI experts to help you learn, assess, and select the right technologies to make your AI journey successful.


Why AI?

Artificial Intelligence is changing our world faster than ever. As new applications emerge,
the demand for hosting and scaling AI services is exploding. The cloud powers AI, leading the next wave with cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

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Host, train, launch,
and scale custom AI models to power demanding apps

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Use pretrained services with ready-made intelligence to rapidly
build and deploy

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Improve CX with personalization, image recognition, generative content & more

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Optimize code, predict costs, extract data and text, acquire insights, and detect fraud

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Build, host and train
your own AI models and apps

Designed for AI professionals with demanding needs, AI Launch brings your most ambitious AI apps to the AWS cloud so you can scale to any level. Go from concept to production rapidly and host your datasets in one place. Build apps with cutting-edge tools like Amazon Bedrock, Airflow, and Superset. Train your models in Kubernetes clusters to meet intensive compute requirements for generative apps. Optimize costs with serverless technologies like AWS Fargate – and own your AI future.


The best human intelligence to unleash your AI potential

Ready to add AI to your business but not sure where to start? Or maybe you have an idea but need help with implementation? With Solodev AI Discovery, you’ll have access to a team of AI advisors that can assist you on your AI journey. Our engagements include an AI workshop to assess your needs and determine what tools and technologies fit your requirements. From language translation to automated chatbots to custom apps, we help you select, implement, and even support your AI investment for long-term success.

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Personalize your content
with Solodev AI and AWS

Add the same personalization magic that recommends products on with Solodev AI – powered by Amazon Personalize. Train ready-made models on your customer events and return more relevant suggestions in real-time. Solodev AI simplifies the deployment and orchestration, so there’s no complex code or algorithms to manage.


Talk to the AI Experts

AI awaits, but getting there can be a challenge. If you’re looking for guidance, consult our team of AI experts. We can help you plan, implement, monitor, and scale your AI models and services to meet the most demanding business requirements. Call us today at
1-800-859-SOLO (7656) or email

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Solodev AI experts

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