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Product Features

  • Showcase customers. You have a special relationship with your customers. Let others see what they have to say about your company with testimonials.
  • Add customer logo or images. Further your credibility and your reviewers' by adding their brand logo or images, and show your website visitors that your reviewers are real.
  • Link to reviewer's website. Add more credibility to your reviews and user testimonials by putting in links to the reviewer's website.

Product Details

Let the entire universe know how valuable your work is with the Review Center, giving you the ability to showcase select quotes. Dynamically pull in entries throughout your website to better illustrate your organization's achievements.

The Review Center lets you do more than show off the nice things people say about your business. It furthers your brand's credibility, especially by giving you the option to add referring links back to your reviewer's website. Schedule new reviews to go live with the Review Center's automated scheduling feature.

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