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Ready Player Me

by Wolf3D

Ready Player Me is your passport to the metaverse! In seconds, you can create a richly detailed 3D avatar, accessorize it with custom options, and maintain it across virtual worlds and games.

Product Features

Ready Player Me is the cross-game avatar platform for the metaverse! Whether you’re a virtual world explorer or a multi-player game enthusiast, Ready Player Me is your passport to the metaverse. In seconds, you can create a 3D avatar of yourself, customize it to your preferences, and maintain it across a multitude of worlds.

As the metaverse becomes more pervasive, Ready Player Me is making access to immersive environments easy and fun. But the possibilities don’t end there. In addition to being supported by thousands of apps and games, Ready Player Me is powering high-utility experiences and applications in the metaverse, including VR Chat. And that’s only the beginning. 

  • Create your own custom avatar: Have avatar, will travel. In seconds, you can create your own unique avatar in Ready Player Me and maintain a consistent, uniform identity from one world to the next. 
  • Generate your avatar from a selfie or photo: In a few easy steps, you can replicate yourself in the Ready Player Me virtual environment with a selfie or a photo, then choose from over 300 customization options – from hair to glasses to wardrobe. 
  • Half-Body and Full-Body Avatars: Walk or float? It's up to you! Depending on your preference, you can opt for a half or full-body version of your avatar. 
  • Buy limited NFTs for your avatar: With Ready Player Me, you can buy limited edition NFT accessories for your avatar and trade or sell them on a marketplace of your choice. Own your look and travel the metaverse in style!
  • Custom avatar integration: Ready Player Me has spent years perfecting their avatar system – so you don’t have to. In less than a day, you can integrate their avatar creator into your virtual world or game engine for free, and give your customers a unique way to experience your environment or app.
  • Developer tools: Ready to go custom? Ready Player Me provides a Unity SDK, Unreal Engine 4 SDK, and avatar SDK – as well as a deep set of developer documentation. You can also get support for React, iOS, Android, Oculus OVR LipSync, and more. 
  • Ready Player Me Hub: In the Hub, users can create and manage avatars and import them to supported applications with one click. You can also become a partner and list your app in the Hub, where other users can discover and use their avatars. Want to try out a new app that supports Ready Player Me avatars? Just sign in with your account and start playing.
  • Future monetization capabilities: Ready Player Me is already roadmapping a digital asset store where artists, brands, and developers will be able to sell customization options for avatars. Stay tuned for more.

Product Details

Ready Player Me is the cross-game avatar platform for the metaverse.

  • Create a custom 3D avatar in seconds
  • Generate your avatar from a selfie or photo
  • Supported by thousands of games and apps
  • Half-body and full-body options
  • Buy, sell, and trade limited NFT accessories for your avatar
  • Free integration with your virtual world or game engine
  • Developer SDKs for Unity, Unreal Engine 4, and more
  • Documentation and support for React, iOS, Android, and more
  • List your compatible apps in the Ready Player Me Hub
  • Future monetization capabilities


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