Align your brand around your customer with Optimizely, the activated CDP! Integrate with almost any platform or custom app to unify data, segment audiences, and power your marketing and eCommerce.

Product Features

The Optimizely Activated Customer Data Platform (CDP) is purpose-built for eCommerce, giving your marketing, service, and merchandising a single view of every shopper. Optimizelys is the only platform designed to consolidate and understand all your customer data and apply a layer of sophisticated analytics to segment your audiences – so you have the flexibility to activate your data across any channel of your choice. 

  • Activated CDP: Optimizely stitches together all the customer data you already have at your disposal. The output is full visibility into each and every customer, their history with your brand, and a true understanding of your shoppers’ journey.

Data-science driven insights: Optimizely creates a predictive model based on all of your data to surface behaviors and predictions you never knew were there. These insights tell you which customers will purchase next, the products that could use marketing love, and pinpoint who is ready to increase their order.

Activations: Armed with customer visibility and finely-tuned behavioral segments Optimizely now allows you to build and deploy all your marketing campaigns, integrate into the marketing system of your choice, or integrate with other experience solutions such as service, loyalty, commerce, and more.

Personalization, segmentation, and analytics: Optimizely helps build deep omnichannel personalization consistently across every channel while providing real-time customer segmentation and robust marketing analytics and attribution to accelerate first and repeat purchases. 

Integrate with apps, services and more: Connect your data with an ever-growing list of built-in strategic technology partners, or link up your data sources with custom-built apps and resources within your own platform. 


Product Details

  • Activated Customer Data Platform (CDP)
  • Data-science driven insights
  • Enhanced marketing campaigns and loyalty programs
  • Omnichannel personalization
  • Customer segmentation and lifecycle automation
  • Marketing analytics and attribution
  • Growing list of technology partners and integrations
  • Accelerated first and repeat purchase
  • Automated/personalized lifecycle campaigns



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Pricing and installation


Optimizely Enterprise

  • Custom deployment
  • Turnkey implementation
  • Professional services

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