BrowserStack lets you test your websites and mobile apps across on-demand browsers, operating systems, and real mobile devices without the need for internal labs or emulators.

Product Features

BrowserStack is app and browser testing made easy! Don’t compromise with emulators and simulators. Give your users a seamless experience by testing on over 3,000 real devices and browsers. Trusted by more than 50,000 customers and 6 million developers globallyBrowserStack is like your personal cloud of physical mobile and tablet devices, instantly available for testing.  

  • Easy to set up: BrowserStack works out of the box. There's zero setup and no maintenance – so you can accelerate your releases.
  • Real device cloud: Run your tests on a range of real Android and iOS devices for the most accurate test results.
  • Test websites: BrowserStack delivers cross-browser testing across new and old versions of IE, Edge, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox on Windows and macOS. Test in live environments, automate testing with Selenium, and conduct visual testing and review with BrowserStack's Percy.
  • Test mobile apps: With Browserstack's App Live and App Automate, you can add interactive and automated mobile app testing to your regimen. 
  • Seamlessly integrate with the tools and frameworks you use: Test development code from Visual Studio and beta apps from App Center. Run automated tests on every commit from your CI/CD pipeline, and get test results directly in Jenkins and Slack.
  • Test on dev environments: With BrowserStack, you can test websites hosted on internal dev and staging environments or behind firewalls, with zero setup or configuration.
  • Native experience: Test on the real thing! With BrowserStack, you can leverage real browsers on real machines with media streaming, developer tools, keyboard shortcuts, and much more.
  • Real-time debugging: Debug your cross-browser tests on mobile and desktop browsers using our pre-installed developer tools. Report bugs directly to Jira, and reproduce them with a click.
  • Security and privacy: BrowserStack is SOC2 compliant. Pristine browsers and devices are available for everyone, every time. Tests run securely on tamper-proof physical devices and desktop VMs wiped clean of data after every session. 

Product Details

BrowserStack is a web and mobile testing platform that gives developers the ability to test websites and mobile applications across on-demand browsers, operating systems, and real mobile devices.

  • Zero setup and maintenance
  • Test on 3,000+ real devices & browsers
  • Supports Android and iOS systems
  • Automate tests with Selenium
  • Conduct visual reviews with Percy
  • Test mobile apps with App Live & Automate
  • Integrate with multiple tools and frameworks
  • Run tests on dev environments
  • Real-time debugging
  • SOC2 security compliance


Free online documentation can be accessed at

Pricing and installation


BrowserStack Enterprise

  • Customer users
  • 20,000+ real iOS and Android device units
  • Android tablets and iPads
  • All OS for desktop and mobile 
  • Collaborative debugging
  • Advanced access control
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Usage analytics
  • Priority support
  • And more

BrowserStack is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate terms of service, privacy policy, and support documentation.