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by AWS


Unlock your data and accelerate your business growth with AWS IoT. Leverage the cloud to collect, store, and analyze Internet of Things (IoT) data at scale to manage billions of devices.

Product Features

Accelerate innovation with the most complete set of IoT services from AWS! From secure device connectivity to management, storage, and analytics, AWS IoT has the broad and deep services you need to build complete solutions for managing the Internet of Things across a wide range of industries – from retail device management to immersive digital twins. 

With AWS IoT, you can build innovative, differentiated solutions on secure, proven, and elastic cloud infrastructure that scales to billions of devices and trillions of messages. Create, connect, and analyze data across your fleet of devices, in the metaverse, and beyond. You can also deploy AL/ML models in the cloud and deploy them to devices with up to 25 times better performance – and less than 1/10th the runtime footprint. 

  • FreeRTOS: Deploy an operating system for microcontrollers that make small, low-power edge devices easy to manage. 
  • AWS IoT Greengrass: Build, deploy, and manage intelligent IoT apps at the edge with an open source edge runtime and cloud service.
  • AWS IoT ExpressLink: Quickly transform any embedded device into an IoT-connected device with minimal design effort.
  • AWS IoT EduKit: Easily learn how to build IoT apps with reference hardware, guides, example code, and more. 
  • AWS IoT Core: Connect IoT devices to AWS without the need to provision or manage servers, and create bi-directional communication with your devices. 
  • AWS IoT Device Defender: Continuously audit your IoT configurations and secure your fleet of IoT devices.
  • AWS IoT Device Management: Easily register, organize, monitor, and remotely manage your IoT devices at scale.
  • AWS IoT FleetWise (Preview): Easily collect, transform, and transfer vehicle data to the cloud at scale.
  • AWS IoT SiteWise: Collect and analyze industrial data at scale and make better, data-driven decisions.
  • AWS IoT Events: Easily detect and respond to events from many IoT sensors and applications.
  • AWS IoT Analytics: Run analytics on volumes of IoT data easily without building an analytics platform.
  • AWS IoT TwinMaker: Optimize operations by easily creating digital twins of real-world systems

Product Details

AWS IoT (Internet of Things) is a set of cloud services that enable you to collect, store, and analyze IoT data for industrial, consumer, and commercial workloads.

  • Connect devices and operate them at the edge
  • Build and deploy intelligent apps with cloud capabilities
  • Easily transform embedded devices into IoT-connected devices 
  • Learn to build IoT apps with sample hardware, code, and more
  • Connect IoT devices without provisioning or managing servers
  • Continuously audit your IoT configs and devices
  • Collect, transform, and transfer vehicle data for automotive
  • Collect and analyze industrial data to improve decisions
  • Detect and respond to events from sensors
  • Optimize operations with digital twins


For support with AWS IoT and other cloud services, please visit the AWS Support and Customer Service Center at 

AWS also provides a deep set of documentation for its AWS IoT services, including a developer's guide, access to the Device Shadow REST API, and other references. Get access to all the learning materials at 


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