Apps - Blog Module

Blog Module

Create unique blog content, upload featured images, and utilize categories for better data structuring with the Blog Module.

by Solodev

Apps - Career Portal

Career Portal

Attract the best talent in the galaxy by listing your open positions with the Career Portal.

by Solodev

Apps - Contact Form

Contact Form

Allows users to submit a web form in order to ask questions, leave feedback, and communicate with you directly.

by Solodev

Apps - Event Hub

Event Hub

With the Event Hub, no one will miss another event. Complete with scheduling capabilities, a prominent description, and the event location.

by Solodev

Apps - Landing Page Studio

Landing Page Studio

Launch your marketing efforts into deep space with the Landing Page Manager, providing your users clear landing destinations.

by Solodev

Apps - News Desk

News Desk

Keep your users informed about your company happenings or important press releases with the News Desk.

by Solodev

Apps - Review Center

Review Center

Let the entire universe know how valuable your work is with the Review Center, giving you the ability to showcase select quotes.

by Solodev

Apps - Team Center

Team Center

Showcase your staff by uploading feature images and unique bios with the Team Center.

by Solodev

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