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Go Serverless Case Study:

2022 Special Olympics USA Games

Go Serverless Case Study:

Discover how serverless transformed the largest Special Olympics USA Games in history. If you've read our previous eBooks on the power of serverless cloud technology, then you might be asking about real-world use cases that demonstrate its potential. In this case study, you'll learn about the groundbreaking fan engagement app that the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games endeavored to build – and how serverless powered their development team to deploy a world-class digital experience in record time while optimizing processes and reducing costs.

Get this case study to learn:

  • The challenges faced by the Special Olympics USA Games around cloud and digital transformation
  • How serverless enabled their team to streamline the development process in new ways
  • Why AWS Fargate was the solution of choice to instantly scale their app across thousands of users
  • How the USA Games saved 82% on cloud costs while delivering a secure, sustainable solution

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