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Springstone Inc.

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Springstone Inc.


Springstone, Inc. develops, builds, and operates hospitals that treat mental illness and substance abuse in the United States. Springstone, incorporated in 2010, is based in Louisville, Kentucky and develops and manages hospitals in eight states with more facilities currently under construction.

Springstone relies heavily on its multiple hospital websites to inform and educate patients and their families on their treatment philosophy and programs. Springstone required a scalable platform that could grow along with their expanding portfolio of hospitals.


A secure, scalable, and reliable technological infrastructure was essential to Springstone’s success in the digital landscape. The Solodev platform, built on top of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, provided the solid foundation necessary to manage the servers, databases, and user-facing websites required by Springstone.

Solodev was able to quickly auto-scale capacity up and down as Springstone’s multi-site computing requirements changed by leveraging AWS' Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). For increased security, AWS replicates applications and data across multiple data centers in various regions using Availability Zones, increasing redundancy and fault tolerance further by replicating data between geographic regions.

Solodev utilized AWS’ Elastic File System (EFS), which provides simple, scalable file storage for use with Amazon EC2 instances in the AWS Cloud. Amazon EFS allows Solodev to create and configure file systems quickly and easily. By using EFS, storage capacity for Springstone’s multiple websites is elastic, growing and shrinking automatically as files are added and removed, so Springstone has the storage they need, when they need it.

Solodev employed AWS OpsWorks to configure and operate Springstone applications, which includes automation to scale Springstone's applications based on time or load, monitoring to help troubleshoot and take automated actions based on the state of Springstone's resources, permissions, and policy management to make management of multi-user environments easier.

Solodev utilizes Amazon RDS to set up, operate, and scale relational databases (MySQL) for Springstone in the cloud in conjunction with AWS CloudFront - a global content delivery network. Utilizing AWS CloudFront, the delivery speed of Springstone’s massive amount of facility and treatment materials was vastly accelerated.


Built in Solodev on the AWS Cloud Infrastructure, Springstone’s multiple websites feature comprehensive functionality that allow each hospital to utilize the Solodev platform to rapidly deploy location-specific content to their user-facing websites. With granular permissions, features and functionality that allow for quick updates to their user-facing websites, Springstone also enjoys the benefits of unparalleled security and structural integrity provided by Solodev’s partnership with Amazon Web Services.

About Springstone, Inc.

Springstone, Inc. develops and operates hospitals that treat mental illness and substance abuse in the United States. Its hospitals focus on treating adults with emotional and mental health issues, and drug and alcohol dependencies. The company offers psychiatric counseling, medication management, group therapy, family therapy, computer-aided therapy, detoxification, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, twelve-step programs and support, after-care meetings, and post-discharge wellness checking services; and stress management, sleep enhancement, art and music therapy, yoga and relaxation therapy, exercise and recreation, and nutritional counseling.

Springstone, Inc. was incorporated in 2010 and is based in Louisville, Kentucky. The company has hospitals in West Chester, Columbus, Dublin, and Highland Hills, Ohio; Newburgh and Lafayette, Indiana; Carrollton, Fort Worth, Georgetown, and Richmond, Texas; Avondale, Arizona; Olathe, Kansas; Englewood, Colorado; and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

About Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a suite of cloud computing services that make up an on-demand computing platform. These services operate from 13 geographical regions across the world. The most central and best known of these services arguably include Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, also known as "EC2", and Amazon Simple Storage Service, also known as "S3". AWS now has more than 70 services that span a wide range including compute, storage, networking, database, analytics, application services, deployment, management, mobile, developer tools and tools for the Internet of things.

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