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Solodev CMS Enterprise for Docker

by Solodev

Containers Content Management

Scale and deploy highly available websites and apps in Docker containers with Amazon ECS. Ideal for both low code/no code marketers and web developers to collaborate and distribute content.

Product Features

Easy to use for non-technical content marketers yet robust enough for ambitious developers, Solodev lets everyone on your team work together to launch your most inspiring ideas:

  • Create rich, enterprise-grade websites that engage and convert
  • Manage content with low code/no code features
  • Customize with access to HTML and PHP Personalize the experience with A/B testing, landing pages and more
  • Build powerful apps like shopping carts, inventory systems, and blogs
  • Use APIs to connect with third-party apps and devices, including IoT
  • Leverage traditional template-based and "headless" CMS capabilities

Built exclusively for AWS with container orchestration for Amazon ECS, Solodev CMS Enterprise Edition for Docker lets you "dock" with unmatched scalability. With a containerized CMS, you can focus on building, deploying, and managing your websites and applications with high availability while eliminating the need to operate your own container orchestration software or manage your cluster. Solodev automatically deploys a complete stack of services via AWS CloudFormation, including Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS).

Product Details

With containers, you can reach new levels of productivity and management, allowing you to run and scale at will. Now you can focus on building, deploying, and managing your applications, and not the underlying infrastructure.



From adding a page to making API calls, the Solodev Help Center has all of the information you need to build and launch a website with Solodev CMS. With our comprehensive documentation, you can learn how to build a website, develop custom modules, and create amazing customer experiences. Please visit the Solodev Help Center at the following URL:


For step-by-step instructions on how to launch our CloudFormation template, please visit the following URL:

Pricing and installation

Solodev CMS Enterprise for Docker

Solodev CMS Enterprise for Docker EKS Node

For AWS Docker Deployment

One-time setup fee: $2,950.00

Solodev CMS Enterprise for Docker is governed by Solodev terms and policies.