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AI/ML Personalization

Add a powerful recommendation engine to your website with Solodev Personalize! Surface more relevant products and content based on real-time user interactions, powered by AI/ML and AWS.

Product Features

Today's digital consumer demands more relevant and meaningful experiences from online brands. With thousands of interactions happening across your website and digital touchpoints, it's challenging to serve personalized content at scale to help convert shoppers into buyers – and enhance their loyalty.  

Now you can deliver a more personalized experience to an audience of one or one million with Solodev Personalize. Powered by AWS, Solodev provides a cloud-based recommendation engine for websites and apps that can be deployed quickly, so you can start serving AI-driven product recommendations across your digital experiences, including eCommerce stores, blogs, streaming video, and more.

A fully-managed solution, Solodev taps the power of Amazon Personalize – the same engine used by – to surface relevant recommendations based on real-time user interactions. Leveraging powerful AI from AWS, Solodev Personalize goes beyond the rigid, static, rule-based recommendation systems and automatically trains, tunes, and deploys custom machine learning models to deliver recommendations to customers across industries, from retail to media and beyond. 

  • Easy deployment in days, not months: With Solodev Personalize, you can add a recommendation engine to your website as a service, without the cost or hassle of building and training ML models on your own. Solodev Personalize is deployed via AWS CloudFormation and available as a subscription with no long-term contracts. 
  • Deliver high-quality recommendations in real-time with AI/ML: Solodev Personalize leverages four dimensions of AWS Sagemaker algorithms, including HRNN (Hierarchal Recurrent Neural Networks) to help train models in the cloud and surface more relevant solutions within your campaigns. 
  • Personalize every touchpoint along your customer journey: By easily integrating with your website or web app, you can provide a more meaningful customer experience across your digital channels through content, products, and services.
  • Help customers find products faster: Re-rank blog posts based on preference, automatically select streaming videos or movies based on previously viewed content, and recommend products based on real-time interactions. You can also boost your upsell and cross-sell opportunities.
  • Highlight new content or media offerings: Get users to fresh, new content based on their unique tastes and preferences.
  • Use real-time or batch recommendations: Control the degree of sensitivity within your campaigns based on the size and scale of your audience. You can also review the results via your Amazon Personalize console. 
  • Secure and private: All of the data used to enhance your recommendations is encrypted and secure within AWS. 


Product Details

Solodev Personalize lets you to serve more relevant products and content with a recommendation engine as a service – powered by the same technology that powers

  • Deploy in days, not months
  • Subscription-based with no long-term contracts
  • Scale to thousands of users across channels
  • Leverage advanced AI/ML 
  • Help customers find products faster
  • Highlight new content or media 
  • Secure and encrypted data with AWS


Solodev has your back at every step with our world-class U.S. based support. Access to HelpDesk for basic software support is included (M-F 8:30AM-5:00PM ET).

For SLAs and additional support options, please contact or 800-859-7656 to get a support plan set up for your organization.


Need help getting Solodev Personalize up and running? Contact us and we'll provide the assistance you need to launch successfully. 

Pricing and installation


Personalize - Professional

Get started with Personalize.

  • Includes the first campaign
  • Scale your experiences
  • Designed for high-availability environments deployed on AWS
  • Access to general support (M-F: 8:30AM - 5:00PM ET)

* AWS hosting is not included.

One-time setup fee: $8,950.00

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