Apps - AdRoll for Solodev

AdRoll for Solodev

Reach the right customers and bring previous visitors back to your website with powerful campaigns, retargeting tools, and comprehensive analytics.

Apps - CallRail for Solodev

CallRail for Solodev

Accurately track phone calls, boost customer service channels, and see how your sales team connects with your customers with CallRail for Solodev.

Apps - DashThis for Solodev

DashThis for Solodev

Bring together key performance data from your marketing applications in a single reporting console. Simplify data analysis and optimization with DashThis for Solodev.

Apps - GatherContent for Solodev

GatherContent for Solodev

Streamline your copy, host documentation, and speed up the content process on one single platform. Use templates to make creating new content assets easier for the whole team.

Apps - Google Analytics for Solodev

Google Analytics for Solodev

Build a complete picture of your customer data, powered by one of the world's leading web analytics platforms with Google Analytics for Solodev.

Apps - Hotjar for Solodev

Hotjar for Solodev

Test, track, and reveal how users are really interacting with your website and gather critical feedback to help improve conversions with Hotjar for Solodev.

Apps - HubSpot for Solodev

HubSpot for Solodev

Boost your website traffic and drive omnichannel data insights with the leading inbound marketing platform for blogs, email, social, and more.

Apps - Intercom for Solodev

Intercom for Solodev

See who's on your website and support your customers' experiences with targeted content, relevant emails, and in-app messages that boost your sales.

Apps - Magento for Solodev

Magento for Solodev

Integrate with a leading digital commerce platform and customize every aspect of your customer's shopping experience with Magento for Solodev.

Apps - Mailchimp for Solodev

Mailchimp for Solodev

Bring your marketing platform under one roof with Mailchimp for Solodev. Create a campaign that helps your customers fall in love with your brand.

Apps - Marketo for Solodev

Marketo for Solodev

Power your email marketing, expand the lifecycle of your customer engagements, and keep up with digital marketing with Marketo's analytics and automation.

Apps - Olark for Solodev

Olark for Solodev

Drive new leads, elevate your brand's customer service, and engage with your website visitors one dynamic conversation at a time with Olark for Solodev.

Apps - Pardot for Solodev

Pardot for Solodev

Craft targeted email campaigns, manage lead data, and deliver conversions with full-scale marketing automation that empowers your sales and marketing efforts.

Apps - Quantcast for Solodev

Quantcast for Solodev

Analyze real-time data, measure current campaign efforts and predict your audience behavior to reach new customers with AI-driven advertising.

Apps - Salesforce for Solodev

Salesforce for Solodev

Own your customer relationships from the start of the buyer journey to the end. Energize sales, marketing, and customer support with the world's #1 CRM.

Apps - SEMrush for Solodev

SEMrush for Solodev

Research your audience, track website traffic, and develop keyword strategies to supercharge your digital marketing efforts with SEMrush for Solodev.

Apps - SendGrid for Solodev

SendGrid for Solodev

Master your email programs and enhance the delivery of notifications, newsletters, and more while collecting analytics that matter with seamless integration.

Apps - SiteImprove for Solodev

SiteImprove for Solodev

Deepen your customers' loyalty, establish an accessible infrastructure, and determine what SEO tactics work all under one platform with SiteImprove for Solodev.

Apps - Wistia for Solodev

Wistia for Solodev

Create, manage, and custom video content in minutes across multiple channels with Wistia. Get real-time analytics and marketing data to evaluate your content.

Apps - Zendesk for Solodev

Zendesk for Solodev

Solve problems faster, boost brand loyalty, and elevate your customer service processes with a suite of scalable, functional support and ticketing apps.

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