Wistia for Solodev

Wistia for Solodev

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Capture the attention of customers with video content that boosts your brand power and sticks with your customers. Convert viewers by easily embedding CTAs, links, and email sign-ups. Connect your data with your favorite marketing automation platforms.

Rapidly create and publish new video content

Get started with making impactful video content assets your customers will remember in minutes. All you need is a Chrome extension and your computer's webcam, and you're closer to video success. 

Combine marketing tools and quickly convert viewers

From email collection forms to powerful CTAs and annotation links, embed lead generation tools into your video content and start driving leads back to your website. 

Take a look at viewer data to inform your video strategy

Get detailed reports about your video content's performance, from heatmaps to engagement graphs. You can even A/B test videos to see what drives engagement.

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In a digital world, video doesn’t just elevate your content strategy. It’s a massive part of it. With Wistia’s integration for Solodev DCX, you can enhance your content strategy and engage your audience with creative and helpful videos.

Develop your content in minutes, and capture visitor attention with photos, looped video, or text for customizable thumbnails. Have several videos you’d like to showcase? Wistia allows your content creators to transform a collection of videos into an immersive channel for viewers. This boosts the chance that viewers hang around your content for longer.

  • Use Wistia’s heatmaps and engagement graphs to see how individual viewers interact with your videos.
  • Pit two video assets head-to-head through A/B testing to discover which one inspires viewers to action.
  • Encourage your audience to take action from within the video player thanks to Wistia’s customizable player.

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