GatherContent for Solodev

GatherContent for Solodev

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Energize your content creation pipeline with the multi-channel content efforts of GatherContent. From revision to approval and promotion, house your content under one easy-to-use platform.

Simplify content production with templates

From eBooks to landing pages, use GatherContent to create readily available templates of your digital content and get the content your customers need out faster.

Collaborate and create with your entire team

Go beyond simple comments with GatherContent's permissions. Give the highest access to those who need it on your team while others provide feedback.

Simple integration with Solodev

Simply align your GatherContent templates to the corresponding Solodev manager, and import all of your content directly into your Solodev DCX with a few clicks.

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Content serves as the backbone of your website, marketing, and sales efforts. GatherContent streamlines how you produce, edit, and publish content by connecting your Solodev DCX platform with a one-stop content shop.

By creating an infrastructure that works for your team, you can have a single source of truth for your content efforts. Custom permissions let certain members of your team contribute only what they need to while ensuring that others have full editorial access.

  • View content by status and spot any potential hangups in your content workflow. 
  • Perform tasks in bulk and save time managing and changing individual projects.
  • Search, filter, and sift through content to find what your team needs fast.

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