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Hubs by Mozilla

Hubs by Mozilla

Connect and collaborate in the metaverse with Hubs by Mozilla! Create your own 3D spaces with a single click and invite your community to learn, share, and hang out with VR headsets or on 2D screens.

Hubs by Mozilla is a collaboration tool used to create virtual spaces that can be explored using VR and mixed reality.

  • Create virtual spaces in seconds with just a few clicks
  • Immersive 3D VR capabilities for headsets like Oculus
  • Available for 2D desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile devices
  • Accessed through a browser – no software required
  • Host conferences, teach classes, and create hangouts
  • Connect and share images, video, 3D models, and more
  • Spatialized audio provides real-life proximity to other users
  • Create custom avatars with advanced modeling and textures
  • Upload personalized avatars from Ready Player Me and more
  • Self-host with Hubs Cloud and launch on AWS or Digital Ocean
  • Community Hubs and support portal