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With Solodev, you can shape the customer experience like never before. Build engaging, data-driven landing pages, A/B test your content, and integrate with advanced marketing and personalization technologies.

Data Driven

Build data-driven experiences

Customer data is gold. With Solodev, you can build engaging strategies based on powerful audience insights. Drive better conversions and create more personalized experiences with real-time data.

  • Track your customers throughout their journey
  • Rapidly build landing pages to test, measure and convert leads
  • Recommend content with advanced personalization from AWS

Test, measure, optimize

Create unique experiences and run content experiments to improve performance.

Create a landing page

Building landing pages

Create unique experiences and run content experiments to improve performance.

A/B testing

A/B testing

From colors to copy to images, run experiments to help test what catches your audience’s attention and converts leads.

Google Analytics

Measure your results

Solodev’s deep integration with Google Analytics and other tools gives you the best analytics from every touchpoint across your customer’s journey.

Control your communications

Solodev's API-first architecture allows for seamless integration with third-party apps and services to help maintain crisis communications, from chat to email to translation.

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AWS Personalize BETA

Exclusively in beta with AWS and launching soon! Customize how your audience experiences your website using AWS Personalize. Process relevant data with the power of Amazon’s machine learning, find what’s meaningful for your customers, and affect every touchpoint of the customer journey.

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