10 Essential Steps to Ensuring Your Website is ADA Accessible

Get simple strategies to help your website work better for every user.

10 Essential Steps to Ensuring Your Website is ADA Accessible

The digital world is becoming just as popular as the physical world, which means digital spaces are accommodating broader groups of people.

Making sure anyone can access your website shouldn’t just be a priority of a Fortune 500 company. Having an accessible website is also so low-cost that no business has an excuse as to why it’s not a priority.

But what is ADA compliance? Is it really enforced for websites? And what are the steps to make sure a website is on the road to being ADA compliant?

This FREE resource covers important elements of meeting ADA guidelines, including:

  • What ADA and WCAG 2.0 guidelines are
  • How ADA affects both public and private sector organizations
  • How failure to think about ADA damages your organization
  • Frequently missed ADA elements
  • What to keep in mind when building a website that's ADA accessible

With over 17 million Americans having a disability, your website can't afford to wait.

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