Solodev Web Grader: Understanding Your Web Grade

Use the Solodev Web Grader, then consult this guide on how to improve your grade.

Solodev Web Grader: Understanding Your Web Grade

When it comes to websites, there's a need for speed. Studies suggest that if your page content doesn't load in less than 3 seconds, your buyer is likely to bounce – and your brand might be paying for it. Modern websites must be lean, fast, and built beautifully for every screen.

Now you can test your performance and get insight on how to improve your score. The Solodev Web Grader uses best-of-breed technologies to measure website performance on desktop and mobile devices, uncovering many of the issues that impact the experience for your website visitors.

We want you to make the grade with every visitor – every time. In your free guide, you'll learn:

  • how your website grade is calculated
  • the most important metrics that affect your overall grade
  • the importance of “above-the-fold” load time
  • how to affect a better full page load time
  • how plug-ins can adversely affect your performance

Learn how you can ace your next test with Solodev.

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