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United Medical Corporation

Safely connecting world-class behavioral healthcare with those who need it most.


For over four decades, United Medical Corporation (UMC) (also known as Ten Broeck) has given patients world-class behavioral healthcare services and helping hospitals access to those services. Ten Broeck and its parent company United Medical Corporation collected a diverse portfolio of helping healthcare-related businesses and professionals, as well as helping patients directly with its services.

A company that puts its clients first, Ten Broeck prides itself on having a diverse set of offerings that can bring balance back into the lives of those afflicted with mental illnesses. But to help as many people as possible, the company had to expand its reach and update their current web presence.

Ten Broeck needed fresh ways to reach out to the people who needed them most. An updated website needed a bifurcated approach -- one that addressed their patients directly and also hospitals needing the company’s services. The new Ten Broeck website also needed to have a reliable infrastructure, specifically to handle information submitted through its online forms.


To meet a variety of needs, Ten Broeck and the United Medical Corporation enlists the help of the Solodev team to restructure and redesign a website to address the needs of both user groups. Solodev created three unique custom modules: a careers module, a resources module, and a testimonial module.

The UMC careers module gives Ten Broeck the ability to solicit applications, collect form submissions, and review applications in one trusted infrastructure. This streamlines a once-complicated application process and puts skilled medical professionals at quick access to those looking to hire them. The resources module allows Ten Broeck to extend their educational resources to their target audience. It helps educate both target audiences as well as the general public as to medical staffing needs. The testimonial module helps Ten Broeck integrate testimonials from both clients and partnering hospitals.

Solodev also streamlined the company’s web design. The Solodev DCX platform consolidated, condensed and streamlined backend code to improve loading time. Solodev’s design team created a contemporary and responsive design built on its DCX framework. The design allows users to access the website information they need faster thanks to condensed code and intuitive navigation. A major priority for Ten Broeck and UMC was the security of its data. Thanks to Solodev and its partnership with AWS, information collected through the website lives securely on the server.

To optimize their hosting capabilities, Ten Broeck harnessed the power of the AWS Cloud by leveraging Solodev’s expertise as an AWS Advanced Technology Partner. They also tapped the AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), giving them the ability to quickly auto-scale capacity and serve instances of heavy, unexpected loads without worrying about a crash. Ten Broeck can rest easier with best-of-breed security provided by Solodev and AWS Shield, providing increased privacy, strong network access control and powerful firewalls built into the AWS infrastructure, something needed to protect the company’s high volume of application submissions.


Ten Broeck now has a beautiful, functional site with intuitive navigation -- supported by a reliable hosting infrastructure. The new site addresses the company’s bifurcated needs. It allows users looking for behavioral healthcare support to connect with a hospital network that could help them. The website also helps those hospitals needing behavior health support to reach out to UMC for services that might not have access to it otherwise.

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