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MobileHelp offers quick emergency response to its customers, who are older people living on their own or anyone who needs extra assistance. The company ranks as America’s leading provider in Mobile-Personal Emergency Response System technology, and it serves clients in all 50 states. Its mission is to empower customers to be their own hero and live the independent lifestyle they want. With a call for help coming in every 7 minutes, MobileHelp needed a reliable web experience to assist as many customers and potential clients as they could with their life-saving resources. The company needed a seamless brand experience on both the front and backends. MobileHelp wanted a website that blended a small ecommerce store naturally with a traditional website. The website also needed to be easy to use for those struggling with motor skills or aging.


The healthcare tech company needed a partner as committed to providing reliable and quick results that matched those offered by the MobileHelp. To meet these challenges, MobileHelp turned to Solodev to bring a comprehensive approach from design to development. The Solodev Content Management System proved to be the perfect fit for the needs of MobileHelp. Rather than attempting to embed a third-party eCommerce platform naturally into Solodev, the Solodev team crafted a unique merger between eCommerce technology and the Solodev CMS. This allowed site managers to easily adjust content across different channels as well as quickly update content within the store. In order to ensure a streamlined online shopping experience, Solodev also integrated deep third-party social and sales tracking programs. In order to give MobileHelp the custom services it required, Solodev crafted custom integrations and web apps that power the news forum, press releases, FAQ, and testimonials sections of their website. MobileHelp customers can add testimonials through front-end website form submissions to immediately display on the website whenever approved by MobileHelp staff. That feature empowered MobileHelp to take control of their digital experience.

MobileHelp also needed a website that would empower its users by ensuring that anyone could access services and information. Solodev prioritized a smooth user experience for a largely aging readership or for those struggling with motor skills. In addition, the website has an option to change the font size improving the quality of the user‘s interaction.

The MobileHelp Website features a shopping cart designed to make the online shopping experience for MobileHelp’s target audience as easy and intuitive as possible. In addition, the marketing team can now rapidly deploy new content in conjunction with marketing initiatives and easily make changes as upgrades are rolled out. The site includes four separate custom contact forms integrated with MobileHelp’s CRM.

By partnering with Solodev, MobileHelp was able to leverage the immense power of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the AWS Cloud – the most secure, scalable, redundant and highly available hosting infrastructure on the planet. In order to better manage the servers, databases and user-facing portals in the MobileHelp library, Solodev implemented the AWS CloudFormation technology to manage the extensive network. Given the sensitive data collected via MobileHelp’s various modules, AWS’s advanced security capabilities helped increase privacy while hardening the network with built-in firewalls, providing world-class protection.

AWS delivered greater security and disaster recovery with its unique geo-transitioning strategy, leveraging multiple data centers in various regions around the country. The AWS Global Infrastructure and its 44 Availability Zones helped increase redundancy and fault tolerance by replicating data and objects. Solodev also implemented the AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), allowing MobileHelp’s server capacity to be quickly auto-scaled to accommodate for unexpected spikes in traffic.


The company’s signature CMS became the perfect fit to meet the needs of MobileHelp. The reimagined MobileHelp online experience led to a 12 percent boost in sales conversions after just three days in production. The Solodev CMS empowered MobileHelp to reach its current audience while preparing the company for future growth. The dual functionality of the Solodev CMS in designing MobileHelp’s online experience proved that a CMS can do more than simply manage a blog. It can be powerful enough and scalable enough to manage a variety of functions without the need of extensive third-party integration. The updated modules ensure that MobileHelp remains capable of targeting anyone who could potentially benefit from their services while continuing to provide for those who rely on the services. Ultimately, the new MobileHelp website empowers employees with the same freedom they give back to their customers.

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