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Avant Healthcare

Staffing medical teams through website development and design


Avant Healthcare Professionals dedicates its time to creating unique partnerships between international nursing talent and medical practices struggling to fill gaps in staffing. Rather than drawing on an overworked body of US-based nurses, Avant provides rich training with classroom environments to help nurses from around the globe earn their accreditation. As a result, those highly skilled nurses are placed somewhere in the US -- giving them an opportunity to improve their own lives while they improve the lives of others. Avant’s services create invaluable nurses dedicated to learning their craft as best they can, while also solving a growing crisis of short-staffed medical practices throughout the US.

In order to serve a growing number of participants and partnering hospitals, Avant wanted a new website that could serve both groups with excellence. Avant needed a website that addressed concerns of both participants/potential candidates and partnering hospitals -- a bifurcated approach that seamlessly crafted an ecosystem allowing two hemispheres to coexist one focused on the individual program candidates and another focused on addressing employers’ needs. Avant also required a career-application focused website that dealt with the individual program candidates, with an emphasis on streamlined navigation and UX design so those from around the world could make sense of the website’s content.


To meet its variety of needs, Avant reached out to Solodev for help in rebuilding and redesigning a functional website that addressed the needs of both user groups. Creating a website accessible to a broad global community while offering two distinctive groups of people wasn’t something Avant could do on their own. In order to reinvent their website, Avant turned to Solodev to bring a comprehensive approach from design to development.

Avant wanted to improve its communication with participants and partnering medical groups, and so it needed a more effective way to manage its blog. The Solodev CMS equipped Avant with a streamlined, easy-to-use content manager. With no coding necessary, it’s accessible for anyone on Avant’s content team to add visual and textual elements with ease. Avant also needed a strategic way to organize various deadlines internally and externally involving their organization. Solodev gave Avant an events manager capable of handling a constantly changing and evolving schedule. A third major piece of the content management element came in maintaining the available careers listings. Solodev gave Avant a streamlined, custom-fit careers manager able to be quickly adjusted for new careers and edited for updated specifics.

The real gem of the new Avant website is its application portal. Solodev’s design team collaborated closely with Avant to understand the KPIs of the application portal project. The teams established a joint overall goal to allow someone to apply while giving Avant plenty of room to capture valuable data they needed. The new application portal puts the priority on a concise UX design to be easily understood by applicants around the world. For Avant, Solodev integrated the application form with their existing CRM -- Quickbase. This was all facilitated through Solodev’s API-driven strategy which allows businesses the freedom to seamlessly integrate with any API across third-party applications.

To optimize their hosting capabilities, Avant harnessed the power of the AWS Cloud by leveraging Solodev’s expertise as an AWS Advanced Technology Partner. Solodev utilized AWS CloudFront, an extremely powerful CDN that drastically increased the delivery speed of BCC’s website, from content to imagery to videos. The organization also tapped the AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), giving them the ability to quickly auto-scale capacity and serve instances of heavy, unexpected loads without worrying about a crash. Avant can rest easier with best-of-breed security provided by Solodev and AWS Shield, providing increased privacy, strong network access control and powerful firewalls built into the AWS infrastructure.


The new Avant Healthcare website puts power back into the hands of both its users and its content creators -- allowing the healthcare service to be transparent with its online presence while streamlining its application process. The new website gives Avant the freedom to pushing forward in their drive of being a leader in the international medical staffing industry. It also leaves enough potential for new marketing technologies and tools to seamlessly integrate with Avant’s CMS. Thanks to Solodev, Avant can access and implement the next generation of third-party applications. This could even let Avant connect with a universe of expanding devices and smart wearable technologies.

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