How to Configure Your Email Alerts with Solodev Forms

Keep on top of your forms and alerts. Here's how to set them up with Solodev forms.

How to Configure Your Email Alerts with Solodev Forms

Why use email alerts?

Contact forms put people in contact with your website, your business, and ultimately you. 

However, it's easy to forget to check on those form responses. This simple tutorial helps you 

Step 1: Create the DataTable that contains your form.

Be sure to select "Website Form" as the "Datatable Type". This populates the necessary alert fields. Note: we call them ticklers, inspired by but not to be confused with the traditional filling system of the same name.


Datatable Type Image

Step 2: Submit the emails you want to be notified upon form completion.


Tickler Image

Step 3: Click 'Submit'

This will email the entered users upon form submission.

Now you have an easy way to ensure no form gets lost in your next major campaign!


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