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Below please find a list of commonly asked questions about the Solodev software. We appreciate your interest in Solodev software and look forward to assisting you with all of your online needs.

Does Solodev need a specific type of server to run on?

Solodev software is very flexible and can run on Linux, Windows, BSD, or Apple servers.

What database does Solodev require?

Solodev prefers MYSQL, but can run on MSSQL or POSTGRES

What qualifications or prior knowledge does a new user need to work with Solodev?

Absolutely no programming expertise is required to use Solodev! Typical Solodev users fall into three groups: content editors, designers and programmers. While design and programming are very specific and require advanced training, most Solodev users are content editors. A content editor is someone who has a strong sense for the website’s targeted look and feel. Although Solodev's platform is incredibly easy to use, our specialists will make sure your team is poised to get the most out of Solodev software. Hands-on training, instruction manuals and live customer support will ensure your team is never left in the dark.


How is Solodev different from open-source content management systems?

While a free, open-source system may be a viable option for some, its users need to be aware of the security risks that choice can pose. Those sites are more and more vulnerable as time goes on unless the software is continually updated when patches or newer versions are released. In many cases, those patches and updates are developed as a result of security issues and can interfere with modules or custom functionality compatible with previous versions. Solodev's platform is a proprietary solution, which has been developed internally, without any code ever being disclosed to any outside party. What sets Solodev apart is the fact we are the sole source of our software code and we stand behind our product. In the unlikely event a problem does arise with Solodev software, it will be dealt with by the creators of the software, not a third-party installer.

We have a small staff and small budget -- is Solodev right for us?

Absolutely! Organizations of all sizes have used Solodev software to grow their online presence. Robust enough to serve the needs of Fortune 500 companies and large enterprises, our platform is dynamic enough to do the work of many people. Because of the all-in-one functionality of our software, your team won’t spend hours updating redundant content across online channels. Solodev software allows users to seamlessly manage mobile, web, social and ecommerce content in one place, so your team can spend more time marketing its data and less time maintaining it.  We invite you to visit our “request a quote” page, tell us a little bit more about your project and find out how Solodev’s software could be helpful to your organization.




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