Solodev Launches New Website for Micross Components
January 4, 2013

Orlando, Fla. (January 4, 2013) - Solodev, a leading Internet software and mobile development company, has launched a redesigned website for Micross Components, a global provider of specialty electronic components.


The new website was designed in partnership with DaynerHall, an Orlando-based advertising agency serving B2B and technology brands.  The new site serves as the final initiative of a rebranding campaign to consolidate several companies acquired by Micross into one corporate identity.


“The Micross site represents one of our most comprehensive online projects we’ve undertaken from a technology perspective,” said Solodev CTO Shawn Moore. “We incorporated branding, search engine optimization and backend reorganization to ensure Micross has an easy-to-use site and a more prominent online presence.”

Powered by Solodev’s enterprise content management system, the site offers enhanced functionality that allows site administrators to better manage inventory and products. The site’s backend has been upgraded from a time-consuming system that required manual updates to one that includes an interactive point-and-click parts and document manager.


On the frontend, the website functions as a comprehensive destination for electronic system engineers and purchasers to acquire specialty electronics information, products and services.  


“We have world-class suppliers, products and services, and now we have a world-class website,” said Alan Taylor, Micross CEO. “The new brings valuable information to our customers through a richer and more intuitive browsing experience. This complements our growing portfolio and reflects our role as the definitive source for specialty electronic components.”


About Solodev


Solodev is an enterprise-level content management platform for building smart phone applications, social media applications, interactive websites and other online portals designed to reach an ever-growing ecosystem of screens and devices. Solodev software allows users to seamlessly manage mobile, web, social and ecommerce content in one place with zero data redundancy so more time can be spent marketing data and less time maintaining it.


Solodev runs in the cloud or on premise to provide secure and scalable online solutions. Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, Solodev’s growing list of clients includes Fortune 500 companies and mid-to-large-sized organizations in the fields of healthcare, retail, transportation, non-profit, government, economic development and associations. For more information about Solodev, please visit


About Micross Components


Micross Components is a leading global provider of distributed and specialty electronic components for military, space, medical, and demanding industrial applications. Operating as a single source for high-reliability and state-of-the-art electronics, Micross’ solutions range from bare die and wafer processing to advanced and custom packaging to component modifications and related interconnect offerings. With a 30+ year heritage, Micross possesses the design, manufacturing and logistics expertise needed to support an application from start to finish. For more information, visit



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