Solodev Adds Mobile Publishing Platform to its Channel Optimized Web Content Management System
May 18, 2012

Orlando, Fla. (May 18, 2012) – Solodev, a leading enterprise software developer with a Channel Optimized Web Content Management System (WCM), has added a mobile delivery solution to its growing suite of tools designed to centrally provide data and engage users across all online channels. Solodev Mobile is a unique data engine that powers mobile websites and native apps for iOS, Android and Blackberry operating systems.


“Content is at the core of every business and we are continually in search of ways to help our clients deliver that content and engage customers across a growing ecosystem of online channels,” said Solodev founder and CTO, Shawn Moore. “We are in the era of big data, and the seamless mobilization of that data across multiple channels and devices is critical. We have addressed the urgent need for our enterprise clients to easily present synchronized information via websites, smart phones, tablets, social media & native applications.”


Solodev enables users to increase productivity and eliminate redundancy by managing online data in one location that is seamlessly pushed and presented to multiple channels, devices and platforms. Other components in Solodev’s WCM suite include traditional website content management, social-media integration and a robust e-commerce platform.


The key benefits of Solodev Mobile include:

  • Works seamlessly across a broad range of devices, operating systems and screens
  • Data is pulled from the same location as your website which eliminates the need for duplicated information and management
  • Simplifies visitor interactions
  • Allows for total e-commerce integration
  • Availability of an enterprise-level SaaS version
  • Ensures seamless integration with related technologies


“Our Channel Optimized WCM system delivers a single user experience across all online channels and allows digital content to be created and managed without the need of programming expertise,” Moore said. “Another key benefit of Solodev Mobile is its integration with our e-commerce platform allowing companies to take advantage of the growing trend of mobile consumerism.”


Solodev Mobile is the latest product in a robust enterprise content management suite that also includes Solodev Social, which integrates your website with your social channels and Solodev QR, a dynamic quick response code generator to support interactive marketing campaigns.


About Solodev

Solodev is a leading provider of Web Content Management (WCM) that gives businesses total control of their online presence. Solodev’s flagship product is our Channel Optimized Web Content Management System that runs in the cloud or on premise to provide scalable, secure online marketing, content delivery and SEO solutions. Solodev centrally powers intranets, extranets, websites, micro-sites, mobile sites and native smart-phone applications, giving marketing organizations the ability to streamline operations and increase productivity.


Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, Solodev’s growing list of clients includes Fortune 500 companies and mid-to-large-sized organizations in the fields of healthcare, retail, transportation, non-profit, government, economic development and associations. For more information about Solodev, please visit


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