"A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a satisfied client is worth far more."

- Shawn Moore, CEO, Solodev

Don't just take our word for how robust our software platform is, how nimble we are as a company and how hard we work to provide superior customer service, listen to the comments of those who matter most, our clients and partners.


Orlando EDC

Lisa Addy, the director of publications & Web management for the Metro Orlando Economic Development Commission, talks about how Solodev transformed that organization’s online presence and how Orlando EDC has been able to rapidly respond to changes in the marketplace by having total control over their content.


Joe Forgét, a founding partner at the website development and marketing agency Technetium, talks about why Solodev is a trusted partner and how he can count on Solodev with the largest of projects because of the power of Solodev software and the expertise of the programmers.

Dayner Hall

Matt Garrepy, the creative director and a partner at the advertising agency, DaynerHall, talks about Solodev and the solutions it provides for that firm’s enterprise clients. He speaks about the flexibility to incorporate a variety of functional elements and the responsiveness to client requests by Solodev staff.


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