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Whether you are collaborating with someone in the next cubicle or the next continent Solodev ensures you are on the same page with powerful workflow controls. This makes it easy to work on large files or follow the status of any project from start to finish and affords you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your job is on track.


How It Works

Completely customizable, Solodev allows you to set the approval levels, permissions and notifications in order to maximize communication, productivity and quality control. It gives you the chance to keep all interested parties informed throughout the entire process of any task large or small.


Advanced Reporting

This feature allows you to have a highly scalable reporting process in order to track individual and project efficiencies and formulate ways to improve upon the results.

Automated Approvals

After a project reaches completion or a particular milestone, it can be set to automatically trigger certain actions such as a check request or other notification.

Complete Customization

From start to finish you have the ability to set levels of permissions regarding what can be seen and done by each individual to any file.

Email Notifications

Throughout the lifecycle of a project emails can be automatically generated and routed to interested parties to ensure those who need to know are informed.

Multiple Levels

An organization can set multiple levels of approval in order to maintain quality control and track productivity.

Password Protection

This ensures the safety and security of your valuable information and allows you to see who has accessed any files.


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