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Solodev is one of the most powerful enterprise website content management systems on the planet and this is where the heavy lifting is done. The website manager allows you to rapidly respond to market demands with targeted changes, and enterprise permissions means you can limit file access to only those with authorization. The code base is broad and strong and allows for unlimited scalability when future functionality is added.


How It Works

Solodev was written so you can design your website any way you want and every change can be scheduled in advance. The backbone of the software is a dynamic database query application that directs all data-driven tasks. The framework creates a search-engine friendly architecture and the fact there is no duplicate code means your change in one place is automatically reflected throughout the site.



Every time an update is made, the previous version of that particular file is archived so you can rest assured you will not make a mistake that can't be undone.

Content Management

Create, manage and deliver website content with ease. Make new pages, copy existing pages, update or delete text without programming knowledge.

CSS Navigation

A key element in enhanced search-engine optimization as well as the overall design of your site, navigation is dynamically generated based on the site file structure. As you add or delete pages in one place it is simultaneously reflected throughout the site.

Drafting and Staging

All content on the site can be staged and published at a later date or sent to others for approval before is goes live.

Dynamic Navigation

Navigation throughout the site is dynamically created based on the structure.

DynamicDiv Technology

The ability to embed templates within one another means you can easily structure your site and content with this graphical interface and changes in one place are reflected wherever that template appears.

Enhanced SEO

File naming based on strategic keywords gives you an advantage in optimizing your site because the site architecture takes those keywords and puts them in the right place to be seen by the spiders.

Enterprise Permissions

At the core of Solodev is a password-protected enterprise permissions system that allows you to fully control what content is accessible and editable on the site and by whom.

File Groups

You can make groups of documents and files readily available in multiple formats for download from the site.

HTTPS Option

With an SSL certificate in place you can make any page on your site a secure page by simply clicking the HTTPS button.

Infinite Content Placeholders

Any template can have as many Dynamic Content Divs to place as many pieces of content on a page as you desire.

Integrated Scheduling

Every task large or small – event notifications, ads, promotions, news releases, etc. – can all be programmed in advance when to appear and come down from the site.

Integrated Site Search

With the site search option you have the ability to search the pages within your own site.

Manage Meta Data

This feature allows you to easily add keywords, descriptions and other meta tags to any page.

Multi-Site Support

Solodev software has the power to manage as many websites as you wish to create.

Structured Data Management

This feature allows you to easily manage your files with a hierarchical folder tree.

Template-Driven Design

The template system makes it easy to keep your site fresh as design changes incorporated into the templates give you the opportunity to have a new look without having to change any content.


A browser-based Microsoft Word-like HTML editor with built-in spell checker and image up loader that allows you to manage content without knowing any HTML code.


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