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Websites and their applications require a variety of processes to collect and disseminate data. Solodev simplifies this process by dynamically creating database tables when you upload either an HTML template or CSV file. Landing pages, issue tracking systems and customer service centers can easily be built and managed with this tool. Use our built-in form generator or import one from another application and you are on your way to collecting the valuable information you are seeking.


How It Works

The powerful datatable engine dynamically generates tables based on the fields in a form uploaded to the website. When someone fills out the form, the information is stored in that table and can easily be accessed or exported for use in other applications.


Custom Templates

You have the ability to customize the look of any of your display or return templates.

Entry Modification

This feature allows you to modify, copy or delete any form entries submitted through the website.

Form Generator

You have the option of quickly creating forms for any type of issue with drag and drop technology and you can open, edit and re-save the forms you have created at any time.


Utilizing data submitted to the website is easy as you have the option of exporting it for use in other applications and you can also upload additional entries via CSV.

Import Forms Integration

You can create your forms in other applications and import them into Solodev for use on your website.

Reports Generation

An excellent resource for department managers, this feature allows you to create performance dashboards to track the timeliness, resolution or other factor pertaining to customer requests.

Workflow Integration

The forms easily integrate into the Solodev workflow system and entries can be assigned to any user with email alerts set up to inform them when a form has been submitted.


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