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The explosion of mobile Internet usage has created a great opportunity to reach people on the go. Don’t miss out. Make sure you have the right software, however, or you will wind up frustrated by the increased workload. Solodev CMS is your one tool to rule the online world, especially when that world is moving.


How it works

Solodev software is uniquely written so information can be shared across all platforms simultaneously. Whether your audience is on your website sitting behind a desk, viewing a mobile version at a café or interacting with your app from the comfort of their couch, you can rest assured your message is being delivered.


Work Smarter

You’ve probably heard the adage: “Work smarter, not harder.”  You can eliminate the hassle of learning another software program for your mobile site or apps because Solodev does it all.

Buckle Up

The Solodev framework allows you to harness big data by pulling information from existing GIS, social media or other sources, giving you the power to publish it on all mobile devices in real time.

I See You

Solodev allows you to be seen on all mobile products regardless of the device, screen or operating system.

Don’t Repeat Yourself

Seriously. If you’ve said it once, you shouldn’t have to say it again. Solodev allows you to share the same content across all channels at the same time. Now that’s a time saver.

React Faster

Don’t lose time and money waiting for a developer or your IT department to add new products to your mobile app or mobile website. Solodev gives you the power to make changes yourself so you can get a jump on your competition by reducing the time to market.


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