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The Solodev Document Management system provides a powerful and flexible infrastructure for team collaboration allowing you to easily manage documents from one location without the need of an FTP application and have them available anywhere in the world on a permission basis. There is no limit to the number of document directories on your web server or files on your intranet and you define the structure that works best for you.


How It Works

The document repository is built on a scalable framework that can be designed in the manner that best suits your organization and which allows you to work with a large variety of file formats.


Enterprise Permissions

At the core of Solodev is a password-protected enterprise permissions system that allows you to fully control what content is accessible and editable and by whom.

Flexible Design

The document management system can be structured in the way that is most advantageous for your organization.

Multi-Format Compatability

The Solodev framework supports a multitude of file formats so you are able to work on anything from a spreadsheet to a video file.

Unlimited Scalability

The framework is able to grow to accommodate multiplied thousands of documents to keep your enterprise organized.

Virtual Collaboration

The opportunity for documents to be accessed around the globe makes virtual collaboration a reality.


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