Do More With Less And More With More


The power of Solodev website content management software allows one person to do the work of several and a small band to produce the results of an army.


What You'll Like Best About Solodev


Easy To Use

It’s like riding a riding a bicycle. Solodev provides marketers the ability to direct their online initiatives from start to finish without a push from the IT department or needing the training wheels of a degree in programming. That means you can control your own destiny.

Won't Break The Bank

Not like fast-food prices, more like, “We get all that for this price?, that makes good sense.” You get more than what you pay for with Solodev. That means you’ll have money to invest in other marketing initiatives.

Plenty Under The Hood

When cruising around on the information superhighway it’s good to have something extra when you want to pass your competition. Solodev has the muscle to put you in front of the pack. That means you have all the power you need.

Good Friends with Google, Yahoo!, and Bing

It's a claim that many make but our picture is actually on their refrigerators. In fact, their spiders visit all the time and really like what they see when they come over. That means they will really like you, too.

What Time Is It?

You will never have to ask that question. Schedule everything in advance from ads to coupons, promotions and more. That means you can set it and forget it.

No Party Affiliation

Whether you are a registered L or W, Solodev is on your side. Our software is platform independent and feels at home on Linux, Windows or any other party's operating system. That means you can be loyal to your favorite candidate.

Plays Well With Others

Solodev gets the highest marks when it comes to communicating with other programs regardless of their native language so you can plug in all kinds of things. Our tattoo says it all, "Have API will integrate." That means you can keep all of your pet programs or adopt others.

We've Got Your Back

Ever bought something only to wonder, “What now?” Not with Solodev. Our training and support team stands at the ready to teach you and offer as much help as you need to reach your online goals. That means you will always have someone to talk to.

Like Fort Knox

Your website contains information more valuable than gold so we are always on guard. Our software gets tested more than a student during mid-terms and passes with flying colors. That means you can sleep at night.

We Keep It Fresh

Because no one likes stale, we are always adding new features and functionality to our recipe. And just as wine gets better with time, so does your software because all updates are automatically included. That means you will always be in style.

Why Choose Anyone Else?

We don't think there is a good answer to that question. That means it's time to contact Solodev.


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