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Solodev makes communicating and connecting with your customers easier than ever with tools that put you in control of your message. Blogs, event calendars, news feeds and even social media feeds can be managed through this simple-to-use interface.


How It Works

Powerful elements come together to streamline the communication process. You determine your message and schedule when it will be announced. The integrated social media application means that updates to your site are automatically posted to your Facebook and Twitter accounts and sent to subscribers via your RSS feed.


Blog Platform

The built-in blogging platform makes it easy to post entries and gives you the opportunity to categorize them by date, subject, author or any other detail you choose.

Content Scheduling

You determine in advance when you want entries to go live and Solodev does the rest. You can even set a calendar entry, news release or blog to come down at a pre-determined time.

Event Calendars

List as many events as you would like and make them searchable by categorizing them in any number of ways.

Event RSVP

With the RSVP function enabled you can track the number of people signed up for event and you can even collect associated fees in advance through a payment gateway such as, Payflow Pro or Paypal.


The feedback function can be enabled to allow comments to be posted by the general public or for internal purposes only.

News Room

Online news posting and dissemination is essential and with Solodev and integrated RSS feeds it can be accomplished quickly and easily.


This function allows you to display and archive your newsletters and other communication pieces.

Optimized URLs

The creation of human-readable URLs for your news, blog and calendar entries means your updates are optimized for the search engines.

Photo Gallery

Engage your audience with photos from events or keep them up to date on building projects with a photo gallery with a batch uploader that automatically re-sizes entries.

Social Media Integration

A real time saver that means any time you post news to your site it is automatically sent to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.


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