Paperless Application Processing


With Solodev you can enjoy the efficiency and ease of paperless application processing. Save time by allowing Solodev to rank the candidates based on your selected criteria and you can streamline the hiring process for all involved.


How It Works

Solodev is the engine that powers all of your data needs. Customize the employment application to fit your needs, rate the criteria you believe is most important and Solodev will rank your candidates based on their responses. This system is safe and secure and can be used for any of a number of purposes.


Applicant Rating System

Whether you expect a large or small pool, it takes time to review applications and this feature allows you to do some pre-screening by setting up criteria by which to rank the candidates.

Applicant Reporting

This feature allows you to pull reports regarding the candidates for a specific position or any combination of positions you have posted.

Application Management

At any given moment you can check the pool of applicants to see who has applied for a position and from there you have control over all the information submitted.

Built-in Scheduler

You are able in advance to schedule when you want your job postings to appear and come down from the website.

Complete Customization

From the creation of the application to the return message applicants receive after submission, you have complete control over every aspect.

Email Notifications

Throughout the entire process the, everyone from HR to the hiring official and the applicant will have the opportunity to stay informed via email notifications.


Importing or exporting data via CSV file for archiving or use in other applications can be done at any time during or after the process.

Multiple Levels of Approval

If you have multiple rounds of screening you can automatically keep your candidates informed as to whether they have advanced to the next stage.

Password Protected Accounts

This secure feature allows applicants to create a profile and apply for multiple jobs, check on the status of an application and receive updates.

Workflow Integration

You can set up the workflow system to allow multiple parties to review applicants and give their feedback.


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