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You’ve been looking for one tool that allows you to control every aspect of your online presence. Well, your search is over. Solodev is a truly all-in-one CMS that allows you to build and manage smart-phone apps, mobile sites and traditional websites with the same platform. Solodev’s enterprise software also makes it possible for you to control online transactions with an integrated e-commerce engine, build social apps for audience engagement and be more productive with B2B tools.

The list of features in Solodev is long and growing, but more important is the list of benefits that accompany those features. We continually add new functionality in response to the requests of our clients as well as our technology team's vision of future enterprise requirements.

Advantages and Benefits

The power of Solodev allows users to do more in less time. You can be more productive and react to market changes by quickly targeting your customers with content that gets results.


It's easy to use. Organize and view files in a familiar folder structure.


We keep it fresh. New functionality is added on a continual basis.


We've got your back. Training and support to maximize your efforts.
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Solodev helps you reach your audience when they are on the go. It includes a full-featured tool for building and maintaining smart-phone applications and is the perfect platform to power mobile optimized websites and dedicated mobile websites.


Eliminate redundancy. Feed frequently-updated content from your website directly to your mobile site or smart-phone application with zero data redundancy.


Launch on all devices. View your smart-phone application or mobile website on iPhone, Android, Blackberry and WebOS.


Integrate through workflow. Extract your data from existing social media, GIS platforms and push it to a variety of screens and devices.
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Blogs, Calendars & Press

Communicate with your customers easier than ever with blogs, news syndication, social media feeds and other tools that put you in complete control of your message.


Schedule your content. Set start and end dates for all content in advance.


Publish your news. News posting and dissemination with integrated RSS feeds.


Integrate your needs. Simultaneously post news to Facebook and Twitter.
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Online Mapping

Enhance any map, geo-based data function or map-based business process with an innovative and interactive mapping application based on various map APIs.


Get on the map. Display dispersed business locations in one map interface.


Integrate with transit. Display route data with ties to the public transportation.


Control operations and logistics. Shipping and supply chain management.
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Document Management

Foster team collaboration with documents accessible anywhere in the world on a permission basis managed from one location without the need of an FTP application.


You control permissions. Control what content is accessible and editable and by whom.


Embrace unlimited scalability. Accomodate multiplied thousands of documents.


Realize virtual collaboration. Files are securely accessible around the globe.
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Online Forms

Use our built-in form generator or import from another application and you are ready to collect valuable data. Dynamically generated database tables allow you to analyze that data.


Create custom templates. Easily customize the look of any display or return template.


Import and export data. Download entries or upload additional data via CSV.


Generate comprehensive reports. Create customized performance dashboards.
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Solodev ensures you are on the same page when working on documents large or small. You can follow the status of any project from start to finish and know your job is on track.


Set automated approvals. Trigger action when a milestone or completion is reached.


Send email notifications. Automatically keep people informed throughout the process.


Enjoy password protection. Valuable information is always safe and secure.
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Support & Security

Solodev serves its clients by providing the highest levels of customer support and by employing the most up-to-date web security techniques to keep their sites free from issues.


Get help anytime. Enjoy peace of mind knowing assistance is always available.


Benefit from site testing. Automatic vulnerability scans make for increased security.


Receive skilled training. Give your staff the know-how to succeed.
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Website Management

Complete content control means you can rapidly respond to market demands with targeted changes and a strong code base means you have unlimited scalability when future functionality is needed.


Manage content easily. Control all site content without programming knowledge.


Schedule your changes. Content can be staged and published at a later date.


Design as you wish. Place content wherever you want with Solodev.
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Applicant Tracking

With Solodev you can enjoy the efficiency and ease of paperless application processing. Save time by allowing Solodev to streamline the hiring process for the employer and employee.


Rate your applicants. Set the parameters and let Solodev do the rest.


Enjoy complete customization. Control of every aspect of the application process.


Integrate through workflow. Easily involve others in the selection process.
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